Monday, May 12, 2014

Unbundled Legal Sevices - Limited Representation of Lawyer

Traditionally, clients hired a lawyer for a specific case or in a specific are of law (i.e. Divorce).
The lawyer was retained and either filed the documents or "substituted into the case."    Either way, the lawyer was "Attorney of Record" for all aspects of the case.    This was good for many clients because the lawyer handled all aspects of the case, communications with the other party, etc.   However, many clients, particularly those with limited financial means found this practice cost prohibitive.

Many clients were looking for lawyers to only handle limited parts of the case, because they could handle the balance of tasks, making the Divorce Lawyer more affordable.    

In the early 2000's, the California Bar created rules for "Limited Scope Representation" in a divorce or family law matter.     In Limited Scope cases, the Attorney and client can decide which "parts" of the case the lawyer should work on, and whcih court appearances (if any) the lawyer should make.

By clearly spelling out the terms of the representation, both the lawyer and client understand each others roles.   This practice can save time, save money, and allow the litigant a way to receive affordable legal care for their case.     If you are interested in "Unbundled Legal Services" or Limited Scope Representation for your family law matter, please contact Palos Verdes Divorce Lawyers and Torrance Divorce Lawyer Kevin J. Kensik at 310-704-0879.